John and Karen are available to speak or lead workshops on a variety of topics, including:

Step Up Outreach can come to your church, conference or synod. Using Not Just a One Night Stand as a guide, this 6 step process gives any local church of any size a clear pathway for transformation with the poor. For more information contact us

10 Temptations of Church, Why Churches Decline and What to Do About It can come to your church or denominational gathering. We will identify the temptations of church leaders who have incentives to continue their congregation's decline and share some proven counter measures in our "try this" conversation.

Leadership Training through Family Systems Theory Karen Vannoy has taught family systems throughout the country and is available to bring practical insights and self differentation to your leadership. Her teaching has proven effective in both church and non church settings. 

Mentoring Local Pastors and Local Churches Through Cultural Change. John Flowers has mentored two New Church Development pastors along with the leadership from those new churches. He has served successfully in NCD in Austin Texas, taking a gathering of 50 on Sunday morning to a thriving congregation of 1000 in 15 years. Along with his spouse, Karen Vannoy, he has done a redevelopment of Travis Park UMC in downtown (Not Just a One Night Stand: Ministry With the Homeless) and has revitalized First Church Phoenix (10 Temptations of Church: Why Churches Decline and What to Do About It). He is available for mentoring sessions with young NCD or Revitalization pastors and congregations. A simple assessment will determine if a weekend workshop or a one year covenant will work best in your local situation. contact information

Changing Church CultureAdapt to Thrive;  John and Karen agree that the church of personal preference needs to become a church of God's purpose. The Christian church is the only organization that does not exist for the benefit of it's members. Every church has the same purpose but needs its own unique vision. How does a church name a special vision for their special circumstance and geography? How can church leaders work to change the existing culture? How do we practice our faith with urgency and passion? What is alignment and why is alignment the most important behavior in all of local church life? In their workshop on Changing Church Culture: Adapt to Thrive Karen and John offer insights and tools for moving your local church into a more healthy cultural expression.


Praise from participants of past workshops:

"Your timely encouragement and helpfulness in the form of the talk, listening, and ideas truly informed and inspired me!  I have been using various things that you shared."

"I knew that "making disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world" was not going to be easy or smooth sailing.  I am thus especially gratefully whenever I encountered fellow disciples who can share their experience in ways that advise and uplift!" -Pastor Wen-Ling Lai, Student Pastor, Drew Seminary 

"I appreciated their perspective and insight based on actual experience."

"As Associate Pastor in a moderate size somewhat traditional church filled with people who are pretty sure our church will never disappear: the cultural study of declining churches, and the identification of possible alternative behaviors, was very helpful."

"Flowers & Vannoy gave very practical common sense strategies for implementing change in a "stuck" church."

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