On this election morning I presume that we are all ready for this to be over and find some resolution to the problems we face as a nation. For me, if the ads will just stop I will be a happier man. Teaching in Ohio recently, I developed sympathy for voters that were inundated with ads for this presidential election. Mud slinging makes no sense. Why not say "You know, the candidate I am running against is not such a bad guy/gal. I could make a list of his/her good qualities that would fill several sheets of paper. If he/she is elected, the country will not crumble, the economy will not be destroyed and Satan will not have his/her ear. I believe he/she would make a good president. I simply believe I would be a better choice and that is why I am seeking your vote." Please go out and vote but remember the election will not solve all our problems. This general election will not bring about the kingdom of God on earth. Jesus will do that.

Greg Boyd wrote "Myth of a Christian Nation" explaining how we are, among other things, not a Christian nation. Christians are kingdom people. We stand over and against the powers and principalities of this world. Christians are power under people not power over people. Christians believe in the power of servanthood and love for the world and not power over people that will bend them to our will. Let us work with whomever is elected and remember, we do not belong to America. We are followers of Jesus Christ