What Kind of Music Do You Like?

At the conclusion of a recent worship service, one local church member registered his complaint about worship music. "Why can't we sing more of the traditional hymns in worship? That is the kind of music I like!" When I visited him, later in his home, I saw he had an extensive music library. He had Ron Brown on the sax, Andy Williams, the Beatles, Charlie Pride, and the Doobie Brothers. "Wow, what a collection!" I marveled "But I don't see any traditional church music and I thought that was the music you liked."

When I want to remember my mom, I listen to Taize music. It takes me to a place of serenity. When I hear "Bow Down On My Knees and Cry Holy" I think of my oldest son Ron. When I listen to "Cat's in the Cradle" I remember a Father's day worship service where we presented that very song as our special music piece .... lyrics? "When you comin' home Dad I don't know when but we'll get together then son, you know we'll have a good time then." After a dfficult church Ad Council meeting, I got into my car for the drive home and the radio was playing Johnny Paycheck's song "Take This Job and Shove It!" That made me laugh.

I love music, all kinds of music. Should we stay handcuffed to the red hymnal for worship or should we experiment a little? What do you think? What favorite song of yours should we sing in worship? The church for tomorrow must spread its wings of diversity in music expressions if we are to be real, relevant, and relational.