What Does Accountability to the Local Church Look Like?

I don't get it. When I was a part of a football team I would never dream of missing practice. I would never dream of skipping a game. Sure there were times I did not feel like playing but I felt my team needed me. I may not have been the best player but my team needed me. I had a specific function as a member of the team and the team relied on me. I told my team members they could count on me, and we could win if everyone pulled together and did the job we agreed to do. We were not co-dependent with our team mates, we were inter-dependent.

When I was in a study group, I showed up to study with the others in my group. We were all assigned a research role within the group and we could come back together to share what we had learned with each other. We wouldn't think of missing the group meeting because the class grade depended on our working together.

As an adult I joined the Rotary club.  If I missed a home town Rotary meeting I had to attend another Rotary meeting, in another location to continue as a member in good standing.

I am a father. When I went before the judge to adopt my children I promised to care for them. I promised we would be a family together and no matter what happened, I would not abandon them.

It is about accountability. In partnerships, groups, teams, clubs and families we are accountable to one another and yet......

We attend worship 2 Sundays a month and call ourselves members in good standing. We say yes to a nomination and election as a member of the local church trustees, miss half the meetings, and no one calls our behavior into question. We begin an eight week Bible study and drift away after 3 sessions explaining "something came up." We make a financial promise, fall behind in our giving, and complain that Jesus talked about money way too much. We promise to support the church with our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service and our witness. Who holds us accountable? I am not interested in lighting the fires of guilt, I just want to know why accountability to the local church community is so hard for us.

Whatever happened to accountability? Why are we accountable everywhere else in our lives but we fail to be accountable as members of the local church? I just don't get it..... do you?