What can the Pentecostals teach us?

What can the Pentecostals teach us? Plenty! While examining the chancel area of our mainline Protestant church a Pentecostal pastor exclaimed "This wood floor is nice and slick! If I was the preacher here I would dance like James Brown!" I smiled and remembered that terrific James Brown song with its first line "I feel Good.... you knew that I would now." Mainline churches are filled with "sit and soak" Christians. We sit in the pews, and soak in the scripture, music anthems, and the sermon. We take pride in "understanding" God rather than "feeling" God's presence. We had better change or we are going to die. Pentecostals might be our salvation. The Pentecostals can teach us to dance. In Old Testament scriptures, David loses it and begins to dance before the altar of the Lord. Michal sees David dancing and thinks "that man is making a fool of himself" Michal casts her disapproving eyes in David's direction. David either doesn't see her judgmental gaze or he just ignores her and keeps on dancing. During the middle ages, the people of the church began to dance in worship. Clearly they were out of control and the priests put a stop to such nonsense in a hurry. The priests outlawed dancing in worship. In many of our churches our pews are so close together that we have less knee room than on a standard Southwest Airlines flight. Sanctuaries of the recent era were built to discourage dancing in the pews.

We say we love God but in worship we are reserved and stone cold silent. It is good that we seek to understand God but we have suffered because we no longer feel the presence of God. Stop sitting on your hands in worship! When the Holy Spirit shows up "Do not be afraid .... for the spirit brings glad tiddings of great joy" Dance like nobody's watching!  Learn from our Pentecostal brothers and sisters and dance like James Brown with wax on the bottom of his patent leather shoes.