Do you want to double your attendance at your next church outing? Here is how to do it. One local church pastor had already planned a men's retreat for his congregation.  He had a great theme, the date was set, the retreat center reserved, but one step was missing.4-6 weeks before the experience the pastor asked "How do I get the men to come?" Simple really. He began calling. Communion was to be served at the end of this event so he called on one man to bring the challis and plate, another man to bring the bread, and still another to bring the grape juice. Snacks were to be served so he secured a commitment from one man to bring healthy snacks and another man to bring sweets. Meals were to be shared so he assigned supper to two men and breakfast to two others. One man he recruited to bring beverage, another place servings, and still another to watch after room set up. Another man from the church was assigned to be a host for the guest speaker while 5 other men were asked to be discussion/table leaders. The genius of this plan was that no one was asked to fill more than one task. Count them up, along with the pastor and speaker there is guarantee of 20 persons in attendance before anyone actually registers for the event!  If even half of the above group brings a friend, then your attendance would be thirty! 

This works for every event in your church. Fellowship suppers, (table cloths, menu planning, decorations, room set up), Bible Study (room set up, Bibles placed on the table, snacks, phone calls to absentees), Sunday School classes for children and adults, mission projects, etc. The idea is a simple one. Recruit persons to do simple tasks and that will insure their attendance at the desired event. Too many persons say "It is just easier to do these tasks myself," and as a clergy or lay leader in the church, we know this to be true. Recruiting takes phone calls and emails and a bit more of your time but it is worth it. To start with we aren't really shooting for efficiency, are we? In ministry we want participation, investment, passion,. and spiritual growth. These things are not achieved by passive spectators.   Few things are more depressing than a poorly attended, quality event in ministry. Critical mass is difficult to achieve in small and mid size churches. Double your attendance. Do yourself a favor, stop doing all  the functions yourself,  and recruit persons to fulfill specific functions that will make your ministry event run smoothly.

Coming next.... How to build even more interest, passion and investment in your church events