UMC General Conference Insanity

United methodists could have gotten together and decided how to transform the world and end world hunger. We have enough food, it is just a distribution problem so 8 million United Methodists could pool their resources and made sure that all the world's hungry people were fed. We could provide trucks, drivers, and political negotiators that would make sure every person had 1500 calories per day. United Methodists could have made a decision to support the love between 2 adults who want to get married. Apparently love and the covenant of fidelity between same gender folks is the one form of love and covenantal promise that repels our God. United Methodists could have joined forces to end homelessness or save children from poverty by doubling the number of loving foster families that would insure that it does not have to hurt to be a child but no..... In a vote that divided the body, 53% for and 47% against the united Methodist Church just barely passed an admendment of an admendment to affirm that "nothing can seperate us from the love of Christ." We had to vote on that?......     Really?