Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

I wonder how many pastors preached on the Good Samaritan this Sunday.  What could be a more perfect passage following the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial?  I don't have any idea how many did, but more astounding is the number of churches that heard no tie in with the trial at all.  I listened to one pastor's sermon  and he NEVER mentioned this modern day tragedy during his message. Not only is this an opportunity lost but it goes to the heart of why our churches today are in decline. We are seen by the real world as irrelevant. Here George Zimmerman's trial has dominated the news, captivated the country, yet we fail to see a perfect Sunday teaching moment in the worship service. "Who is my neighbor?" Is my neighbor the one who is protecting the neighborhood from hooded teenagers? Was Trayvon smart in confronting the threat when he could have moved on? Was George justified in shooting Trayvon as the teen apparently had him on the ground and was beating him. Tragedy comes with testosterone poisoning while Florida argues justified shootings though misguided "stand your ground" laws. A teenager is dead when what he really needed was for someone, anyone, that night to be a neighbor. George Zimmerman's life has been forever changed and his name vilified because he mistakenly thought patrolling his neighborhood for "undesirables" was the job of a good neighbor. Jesus is shaking his head. Consistently in the gospel of Mark, Jesus says to his disciples"why can you still not hear me when I talk to you?" For our time, I know the answer to that question; because we have yet to understand how the story of the Good Samaritan, racial profiling, and  stand your ground are the conversations which invite transformation of the world. Until the church becomes real, we will continue to be seen as irrelevant.