The Next Great American Novel

I am writing a novel. It is a work of fiction. Some novels and movies start out with the phrase "based on a true story" and this novel will be like that. I will take a true story, add a copious amount of spin doctoring, and come up with a solid story. We have two works of non fiction published but "What qualifies you to write a novel?" one might ask. Plenty! For one, true life is stranger than fiction and I have one of the most dysfunctional family stories every heard. At parties, late at night, when the conversation rolls around to playing a game of "Who has the most dysfunctional family?" I sit back and let everyone else go first. Stories pour out about infidelity, divorce, alcoholism. theft, jail time, black sheep, and boundary violations but still I wait. I have to go last. It would not be fair otherwise. One very small example; If I counted up, in my immediate family alone, parents, brothers, sisters, (biological, adopted, and step) there have been 19 divorces among us.

It will be a love story. It will be a "who done it?" Maybe a murder gone unsolved. It will be based on larger than life characters from the church, politicians, law enforcement, and my homeless brothers and sisters. Put that all together and it sounds like fun!

I knew my dysfunctional family and my questionable life choices could be turned into a positive and the next great American novel sound like just the ticket!