Am I a Hypocrite?

There were a few, well healed members, of a small Baptist church in Mississippi who made the news this week. It seems an African-American couple had been visiting the church and asked the pastor if he would perform their wedding in the sanctuary. If my memory is correct, the pastor said "yes" but a few of the monied members of that congregation said "no." Further, the pastor was informed that should he go through with his plans to perform the wedding in their sanctuary, he would likely lose his job as pastor. The head of the Southern Baptist Convention, an African -American himself, shook his head and said "there is a lot of work to be done." The pastor did perform the wedding inside another nearby sanctuary. When I heard that story I was outraged. "How could that pastor sell out like that?" Then I remembered what I have told my pastor friend just the other day. "I believe that my denomination is wrong about forbidding clergy from performing same sex unions. I would perform a same sex union if asked but I would not do so in the sanctuary of the church where I am appointed to serve. (heading towards my proudly pious, spin doctored, rationale I continued) God calls me to the ministry but the UMC ordained me. I am employed by the UMC and the Discipline says no same sex unions inside the sanctuary. I believe I can honor my calling and, at the same time, honor my UM ordination. Really? How is this any different from the Baptist pastor in Mississippi?