Step Up Outreach with the homeless and the poor Step 6: Invite to your church

Practice aggressive pursuit of persons who live in poverty, your new friends, for the purpose of coming to your congregation's Bible Study and worship. Take inventory and discern how diversity friendly your church is along socio-economic lines. Work on making the music, the liturgy, what clothes people wear, and how persons are greeted, more friendly to those who do not have any money. When the necessary, poverty friendly changes have been put in place, aggressively pursue poor folks to worship with you. Become the church of Acts, chapter 2. Invitations are not enough. Encourage others as follows “I really need you to come and worship with me. I don’t know if you need to come to church or not but I cannot be all God has called me to be unless you worship with me…..” This will be a plea to one with whom there might be a developing relationship. Trust has been offered, tested, and received.

Let's review all of the steps...

Step 1: Donate underwear and socks at the church

Step 2: Serve meals at a local soup kitchen

Step 3: Break bread with persons who happen to be poor

Step 4: Immerse yourself for 48 hours at a local shelter

Step 5: Share your skills in one on one mentoring efforts

These steps follow each other well.

They are not necessarily rigid in their order but these steps are time tested.

I strongly suggest the early steps be in place before any church takes on the later steps.

They are building blocks.

Ministry in all our churches will increase our own relational transformation as we practice step up outreach.