Step Up Outreach With the Homeless and the Poor Step 5: Offering your time

Offer your time as a problem solver and life guide. Lawyers do pro-bono work fighting bureaucracy in the name of the poor. Likewise, physicians, nurses, educators, social workers, anyone with any developed skill or training, can join in partnering with someone to develop necessary life skills. Now we increase the level of intimacy with those who live with poverty. We are persons who are able to break through barriers for others struggling to live independently and achieve stability. Using your expertise to help others can be tricky. Be careful to practice equality of power in these relationships with persons who are desperately poor. Simply put, equity of power means the one who lives in poverty will teach you every bit as much as you might teach them. You will learn as much from the new friend who lives in poverty as they will learn from you. By this time transformation is happening for middle and upper class folks as well as those who live in poverty. Can you feel it?