Step Up Outreach Ministry with the Homeless and Poor Step 3: Hearing their stories

If your church has done steps 1 (donate socks and underwear0 and 2 (serve food at a soup kitchen) of Step Up Outreach then here is the next step; Eat with others. Don’t stop with the preparation, transportation, and serving of food, eat with the persons who are poor. Grab a plate, sit down next to someone who is in a different socio-economic class and strike up a conversation. Extend beyond your comfortzone. If you don’t know what to say try this:

“I find it difficult to talk to strangers but you are interesting to me. May I eat with you and hear your story?...."

Find out more about the life lived by the person who is across the table from you. Here are some possibilities:

"Where did you sleep last night?"

"Do you have family in town? Where does your family live?"

"When was the last time you saw your family?"

"What do you do to pass the time during the day?"

"What is the hardest thing about sleeping with the stars as your roof?"

This is the beginning of trust building and real relationship building. Here we get deeper into human contact and start finding common interests and hearing life stories. People love to tell their story, and hearing the story of another is the building block for trust.

Have you ever had an extended conversation with someone who lives on the streets? Isn't it about time you did?