Scars tell us our past but do not determine our future

Who said "scars tell us our past but do not determine our future?" I read or heard that someplace but I cannot remember where. It is a good mantra for the new year.

I hear on my crime shows about felons pleading their case during the sentencing phase. "I grew up in an abusive home. I was cradled inside a dysfunctional family, therefor it was predictable that I would be a criminal." The judge rightfully points out many people grow up in abusive, dysfunctional families. Not all turn out to be criminals. Some say the scars of my past will not determine my future.

I have joined others in citing the news articles which say genetics plays the largest role in whether or not we are overweight. "I am big boned! I ate at McDonalds before the days of salads and calorie information were posted on the menu! My mother raised me on a southern comfort food diet!" But I know I can do something about my weight. Exercise, portion control, balanced meals, and in all good things, moderation. The scars of my past will not determine my future.

I was a lousy parent to my kids. I worked too much. I tried to climb the ladder of perceived, professional excellence. I would say that I was making sacrifices so I could provide a comfortable living for my family when, in fact, my family wanted my time more than a expensive presents. Now I have grandchildren. I accept the scars of my parenting but those scars will not determine my future as a loving and attentive grandparent.

We approach the end of this calendar year. 2015 may have been a year of regret. We wish we could have this year back. Scars of disappointment, broken relationships, and missed opportunities continued to follow us all year long but remember, scars tell us our past but do not determine our future. Here comes a brand new year. Here comes a fresh start. New opportunities to transcend our past as we vault into a hopeful future. We can do it. Let this be the year of forgiveness. Forgive those who have hurt you in the past as you pray the ones you have hurt will, in turn, forgive you. We can and will do things differently in the coming year. The scars of our past will not determine our future!