Recovery From Addiction

Confession time.... I go to two or three Houston Cougar football web sites every day. I am wearing a Kelvin Kolb jersey (embattled quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals and Houston alum) #4 as I write this blog. I am stupid crazy about football. I need to ge a life and get into recovery but I would like to take all the citizens of Allen Texas with me. Allen Texas school district (just outside of Dallas) built a 60 million dollar stadium for their high school football team. 60 million, that is obscene! Nearly 64% of Allen's citizens voted for a bond proposal to finance this obscenity. Allen is a rich district with a median household income of $95,000 but really, an 18,000 seat 60 million dollar high school stadium? There needs to be a 12 step recovery program in place for people who do this.

Imagine the FA "Football Anonymous" meeting. "Hi, my name is John and I am a football addict"

"Hi John"

"It started with a simple forward pass when I was in the seventh grade. Then I threw a block and made a tackle as a high school freshman in Maryland. But when I went to Texas, attended a school that could not afford new textbooks for biology classes, and played in front of 8000 fans against the cross town rival, my downward spiral truly began."(true story, not making this stuff up)

I am serving a local church in Tucson Arizona. Attendance has been in decline for the past 15 years. We just took 8 pews out of the sanctuary to create more leg room and help the place feel more full on Sunday morning. Still we are only 30% full on most Sundays. Maybe the ushers need to throw a block and the greeters need to make a tackle. I pray to God everyday that more people will be open to hearing the gospel in worship, and follow Jesus to transform the world but in Texas, god is football and in Allen they worship with Friday night lights in a sanctuary that cost 60 million dollars.