Reality Show: Can This Church Be Saved?

Reality shows are all over TV. Honey Boo Boo, Dancing with the Stars, the Kardashians, Biggest Loser, Survival, and American Idol flood the TV screens. I was wondering which show should be voted off the island. Then a friend reported a new idea and the best part is that I get to be a star. I am sharing this idea with you with full knowledge that it belongs to my buddies (two guys being creative over beverage of choice) and it belongs to them so don't steal it! The newest reality show? "Can This Church Be Saved?" The production company would go into a dying church with a local church consultant (that would be me) and ask that question, can this church be saved? (like the double entendre?). I would bring energy, passion, humor, and thinking outside of the box for an intervention that would give the congregation a chance for the future. It would be like the reality show where that Nanny goes into the home and evaluates parenting skills while creating boundaries for the children.

We would need to stay awhile with the church and see some things through. Churches would apply to be in the show and maybe the producers would provide some money for a few basic turnaround possibilities for Sundays and during the week. Surely there is a market for such things. 25% of our population goes to church and my friend in southern California says 98% of the churches there need to be revitalized!

Thank you Tom and Joe for the idea and I look forward to working to make this happen. Which churches out there are ready to be on TV?