Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

A mentor told me some time ago "I can tell what you believe in by taking a look at your check book register." In today's world we could add "by looking at your credit card statements, or your automatic drafts from your bank account, or your ebay history, or your amazon.com account .....," you get the picture. Sometimes we put our money where our mouth is but sometimes there is great disparity in how we spend our money and what we profess to believe. How can we bring belief and behavior closer together? Put your money where your mouth is. Do battle with the notion that the money you have and the resources in your home all belong to you because you earned them with your hard work. What you "own" really belongs to God and is simply on loan to you. Live in the tension of a closed fist versus an open hand and lean into a finish line where the open hand wins!

A friend has now begun to leave $10 on the pillow of his motel room for each night of his stay during business trips. He has vowed to not only buy the lunch of every person who asks him for food but break bread with them as well. He raises his pledge to the church a full percent each year even after he reached a tithe (10%) two years ago.

He buys books about life transformation and gives free copies to people who are hurting. He spent money on his own child's education and now gives generously to educate kids in need that he has never met. He could buy any car he wants but gave me a ride home from the airport in the car he has owned for 16 years. He parks in the long term lot saying "It might not be as convenient but we all need the exercise don't we?"

This guy does what Jesus tells him to do, even when he doesn't particularly want to do it. He believes, he walks the walk, and he puts his money where his mouth is. If you know someone like that, tell us his or her story. These folks are generally quiet and unassuming heroes. They would never toot their own horn.