Not what you Believe But What You Do

Early in the reading of Robin Meyer's book "Saving Jesus From the church" we hear the following; The sermon on the mount does not call for us to believe anything, it gives us things to do. Meyer's book carries that theme, we are called to  follow Jesus rather than to worship Jesus. Knee jerk conservatives and Limousine Liberals alike are notourious for spouting off about what they believe. Progressive Christians cry out against social injustice. Church leaders fire off emails and sign petitions, all to let the world know what they believe, to educate the world in a particular construct of thinking about Jesus. Lives remain unchanged.

I don't care what you believe about Jesus, I want to know if you are ready to begin doing what Jesus has told you to do. Read Matthew 25 and make a list of the things that Jesus says you must do. Read Matthew 18 and hear how Jesus says people of faith must treat each other. Stop fighting over who understands the will of God. Quit fighting about what is the proper way to dress for church. Quit fighting about baptism by immersion or baptism by spinkling, the virgin birth or bodily resurrection. Are you ready to do what Jesus calls you to do or is your Christian faith a lukewarm head trip?

Cecil Williams, past pastor at Glyde UMC in the Tenerloin district of San Francisco explains that he prayed in the name of Jesus for God to erradicate racism, end world hunger, and bring the rule of justice to our world. Cecil explains that he waited for God to answer his prayer. God's answer? "Do it yourself!"

It is not about what you believe, it is about what you do.