My Backside Hurts

Got a new Bicycle for Christmas. This bike is sweet. It is a carbon composite road bike which means it is very light. I can lift it with 2 fingers. It goes fast! I can keep a steady 14-15 mph speed on slight inclines, and going downhill, I regularly am traveling 18-20 mph. A 10 mile ride is easy. A 15 mile ride is routine! There is only one problem.... my backside hurts (note to editor; I am using the word "backside" in place of the preferred "a" word to maintain a certain level of decorum in this blog). The bicycle has one of those skinny, hard, elongated seats. The first time I got on the bike my backside hurt. I bought inexpensive riding shorts, the kind with the adult diaper thing in the seat, and my backside still hurt. Then I went back to the store, bought a ridiculously expensive pair of bicycle shorts and my backside STILL hurt. What is a budding Lance Armstrong supposed to do? I called my friend and bicycle consultant and whined "my backside hurts!"

He told me to stop whining and keep riding. "Things will get better" he assured me. He was correct. Things have gotten better. I enjoy my rides now in a way that I was unable to enjoy them before. My goals have changed. No longer is my goal to eliminate pain in my backside. The new goal is to enjoy the sights, feel the wind in my face, ride smooth over the rough places, stop often at Starbucks for a mocha, don't get run over by a truck and keep moving forward. My backside still hurts but now I enjoy my ride because my goals are more realistic.

Not unlike exercising leadership in a local church.... enjoy the possibilities you see, feel the presence of God's Holy Spirit in your face, smooth out the rough places, periodically stop and re-create over a beverage of choice, dodge the trucks that want to run you over and keep moving the vision forward. What I learned in cycling is good to know as a church leader. No matter what kind of pants you wear, every church leader will have someone step up and be a pain in his/her backside. This is a fact. This will not go away. Simply ignore that and keep moving forward for the greater good of the gospel.