I Can't Handle the Truth

I am sick and tired of being fat. I have tried every diet in the book. I get 1-2 hours exercise every day so it cannot be that. I do not eat the healthy foods I need to, and I eat too much. I did not know just how much until I started keeping a food journal. I vowed to write all the food and drink I consume in one week. I have done this for 5 days with only 2 days to go; conclusion.... With my diet, any family of 6 would be happy. Any family of 6 with two teenage sons. I don't know the precise quantity of food I consume but by 2 in the afternoon, after recording my afternoon snack, I needed a fresh piece of paper for supper. Too much, too much! I am happy I decided to write it all down. This is my reality check. A food journal is my reality check. To see everything in print is overwhelming. I have been lying to myself for years... "I just had a small bowl of ice cream." 3 scoops, is that a small bowl? We have different size bowls in the cabinet but I always go for the big bowls when it comes to ice cream. In day 3 I found myself eating 5 cream puffs but only recording 2 of those in my journal. Heal me Jesus!

One guy I visited said he had cut down to 2 drinks per day at the same moment that his wife brought his first drink in a 32 ounce tumbler. Reality check is for those of us who live with self-deception. It is time to develop new, healthy habits in my relationship with food.

A member of the last local church where I was pastor reported to me that he was regular in his attendance at Sunday morning worship. "Do you register your attendance each week?" I asked "Sure I do, I write it down," he replied. I think I may have offended him. I checked the attendance journal, the registration pads found in each pew where visitors and members alike write down their attendance each week. By those records he worshiped with us, on average, once a month. Neither of us would have known that if he had not written it down.

I do not mean to judge anyone else. I mean to be an agent of God's grace. But this I do know, it is difficult for me or you to practice self-deception when we write down the truth.  God's grace begins with us telling the truth.