Dingy Gross Carpet Removal

One local church carpeted their hallways years ago. It was during the time that wall to wall carpeting was all the rage. As you might expect the carpet is now dingy and gross. Something has to be done. Church leader confessed "It has been so long since we put that carpet in that we have forgotten what is underneath." Someone took the initiative to peel back the carpet. Under the carpet was a layer of padding and under that was a glue. Around the edges where the carpet, padding, and glue was removed, church leaders discovered a gorgeous oak wood floor! OMG! An appointment has been made with "the floor doctor." Plans were made to remove all of the carpet and padding, sand down the glue, seal the beautiful oak floor and get back to the hallway's original look. "The beauty of or building has been covered for too long. We need to get back to our original floor!" That floor is a symbol of what has happened to ministry is local churches everywhere. This local church was built for one purpose and one purpose only, to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world." That is the gorgeous wood floor, the base of what we are called to do, Over time however, we have put new layers over the floor. We have glued down a theology of scarcity. We have put down the padding of entitlement for members, and tacked down the wall to wall domination of personal preference. Our communities have ceased to look like their gorgeous wood floor. Our carpet is dingy and gross. Take it out and throw it away. Bring in the floor doctor to help us remember to whom we belong and what our purpose has always been.

Time to renovate our building and get back to our purpose.