Cultural Change in the Church

What kind of culture exists in your church? Is it the culture of scarcity or abundance? Is it the culture of safety or risk? Is it the culture of somber ritual or play? If you want new members and especially young people, then it is important to determine your local church culture and seek the changes in cultural that will help the church grow. Young people want 3 things in their local church life. Young people want their congregation's leaders to be real, relevant, and relational. This is a different culture of church than we have historically had in place. On Sundays we are used to bring our best selves wearing our best clothes to worship. Young people want us to be real rather than putting on a show. The old church culture puts Christian leaders up on a pedestal, the new church culture's leaders are presented as flawed and vulnerable. The old church culture honors hierarchy in leadership while the new church culture believes partnerships are the best way to lead congregations forward. What about you? Do you still love the old culture of the local church or is it time to embrace the new culture?