Crumpled up, Smashed and Stomped on People

A friend of mine sent this reminder of a man who stood before a crowd, held up a $20 bill and asked "How many of you would like to have this $20? All hands were raised. Next he crumpled up the $20 bill into a ball and asked "Do you still want it?" Every hand was raised in the affirmative.

Finally he took the crumpled up bill, set it on the ground, stomped on it with his foot and ground it into the dirt. "How many still want this bill" Everyone raised their hand.

"You want this bill because no matter how crumpled, smashed, or stomped on, it still holds its worth correct?" Heads nodded, "That is the way it is with God. Crumpled up, smashed, and stomped on, God still loves us and wants us."

Not particularly brilliant theology, granted it is a little cheesy, but it still gives me hope on this otherwise hopeless day. I am broken and stomped on but God still believes I am of sacred worth.

Who have we relegated to "worthless" status? Maybe it is time to take another look. The church for tomorrow will be filled with stomped on, crumpled up and smashed people. The message our church for tomorrow says is "even after life has done a number on you, you are still a person of sacred worth in the church."