Critical Scan or Full Scan for Viruses?

Took my computer to the Geek Squad. My computer was running slow. The Geek Squad fixed it and updated my Kaspersky software to strengthen my virus protection. I am sure all readers in cyberspace know a lot more about computer viruses than I know but I am learning more every day. A computer virus is an unwanted, outside infection, (some times called a trojan) that comes into your computer. The virus presents itself as something helpful, just click on it and your world will be made more simple, easier to navigate but BEWARE! The virus may look appealing but it distracts your computer from doing its work. It is the unwanted take over. A sophisticated virus can shut down your computer's system altogether. I ran a "critical areas scan," and then I ran a "full scan." Took about an hour but it was worth it. Now my computer is back on track and doing what computers are supposed to do. This is a new year. Viruses can infect a local church. It is time to run a "full scan," or at least a "critical areas scan" of your ministry, your life, the leaders in your local church. Viruses may have infected your congregation, your leadership, without your knowledge.

1- A virus of "don't make waves" or "we have never done it that way before" may be in your church. This virus will prevent you from risk taking for the gospel.

2- A virus of "just find a warm body to volunteer" may grind your leadership to a halt.

3- A virus of "proud piety" may block you from authenticity and humility, sabotaging your ability to be in relationship with others.

4- A virus of "Jesus is coming: look busy" may be popping up and preventing you from the necessity of prayer or recreation time.

Pick your own virus for numbers 5,6, or 7. Name it. Guard against that virus. Do your own critical area scan to detect and isolate that virus from your life so it will do no more damage. Some church folks talk of the powers and principalities of evil, maybe even the devil. I do not. The demonic appears as a virus. These days I am talking about prayers and conversations that identify the hidden virus in my local church and how I can clean up my computer as well as my life.