Christians cannot commit Adultery Alone

Saying you can be a Christian alone is like saying you can commit adultery alone- John Wesley I feel alone.

When I attend a local church meeting and we talk about stuff that takes up too much time and doesn't mean anything.

When I attend a conference meeting and we insist on doing the same things, the same way, expecting different results.

When folks who have directly benefited from our broken denomination's structure stand before me and defend our system.

When I sit alone in a local church meeting room, waiting on other decision makers to arrive so we can plan for the transformation of the world.

When I hear once more, entrenched laity and clergy alike say "we have never done it that way before."

When I get sucked into worship wars.

When good church folks lament out loud "At our church I am not being fed," and then recoil from the question Who are you feeding?

When I have to force  a board of Trustees, of one of our own denomination's seminaries, to use the name Jesus somewhere, anywhere in the school's mission statement.

No one can be a solitary Christian. We must build buy in. We must have leadership teams in our local churches. We must have a denominational structure that supports our purpose. We must all get on the same page. We must be in alignment with God's dream for the world "..... thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth....."