Christian is not a synonym for Nice

  "I was passing by an elderly woman in the grocery store isle as she reached for a cereal box on the display case. She meant to pull just one box down but ended up tipping over the entire display case."


"That is awful" one of the guests exclaimed "what did you do?"


"I stood the display case back up in its original position, bent down, began picking up the boxes and placing them back on the case." the man said matter of factly.


"How long did that take?" came the next question


"Not long, five or ten minutes" came the reply


"That was very Christian of you." still another guest chimed in.

From the kitchen came the voice of our hostess, who happened to be a Clergywoman, "How many times do I have to remind you, Christian is not a synonym for "nice." It is good to be nice and thoughtful, and practice random (or even intentional) acts of kindness, but that is not the Christian faith.


Many in our local churches continue to believe that Jesus commanded us to be nice. Many go to worship to learn how to be a nicer person. This is not what Jesus hoped for. Jesus wants us to transform the world. Jesus wants us to be agents of connecting people to God and establishing the kingdom of God on earth. This is way more than being nice.