Change the World Conference Ginghamsburg October 18-19

Karen and I have accepted an invitation to teach a workshop at Ginghamsburg UMC on October 18. We will be leading a workshop entitled Cultural Change in Declining Churches. We have become convinced that in local churches, unless the cullture of decline shifts to a culture of health and vitality, then the local church cannot grow. People SAY they want to grow but are they willing to give up their coveted positions and space to welcome new disciples of Jesus for the transformation of the world? In a healthy local church culture "yes," in a declining church culture, not so much. Remember this.... "the local church is the only organization that does NOT exist for the benefit of its members." At the Ginghamsburg conference, we will deal with identifiable charactoristics of declining church cultures as differentiated from healthy, growing church cultures. We attended the Change conference years ago with local church leaders from Travis Park UMC. This conference and the conference at COR are the two best in the country for empowering local church leaders. google "Change the World 2012 Ginghamsburg" and register. We would love to see you there.