Change My Heart

Confession time. I am unbelievably shallow. I surf the web looking for affordable waterfront property, dreaming of decks with a view, boat slips, and hammocks on the same morning that folks have their lives taken and homes destroyed in Oklahoma. I just read another article on Jodi Arias this morning. I have been following the soap opera trial every day. The smut, the intrigue, and the young, impulsive sociopath defendant have all caught my attention. All this while I yawn through the Boy Scouts of America's historic vote on full inclusion. I fume at the coach for Indiana making a bonehead decision that allows the Heat to win game one. I get depressed when I read, no devour, every internet article about Charles Sims, star running back for my beloved Houston Cougars, choosing to leave the football program. Say it aint so Charles! This morning I should care about the stuff that really matters but I do not. It has become embarrassing for people to see my daily search history on Google. I spend time on the scales every day wondering if those 5 pounds will ever go away. I look in the mirror at the age spots on my face, and I grieve the loss of that last cookie I thought I had hidden from Karen. I am unbelievably shallow but that can change. For the rest of today I vow to read about things that might truly change our world for the better. I promise to be the hands, feet, voice, smile, and laughter of Jesus Christ today with everyone I meet. I am committed to stop complaining and start changing. I will not lament the money I don't have but I will create a vision to share with others the resources I have been given. I will turn my attention to the things that really matter.

There is an old hymn entitled "Change My Heart Oh God." This morning I need a change of heart. When Karen wants me to be different she tells me "I pray daily that God will change your heart about that." Being shallow is so in my comfort zone, and I am so defensive about my behavior, that I give Karen a cease and desist order for those prayers. Maybe this morning's discomfort is the beginning of God's effort to change my heart?