Book "Adapt to Thrive" Now Available

Karen and I are proud parents of a new book. This new book "Adapt to Thrive" is the third in our family. In 2009 we published "Not Just a One Night Stand, Ministry With the Homeless." In 2012 we published "Ten Temptations of Church, Why Churches Decline and What to Do About It." Adapt to Thrive uses Darwinian evolutionary theory to suggest that, just like mammals and birds must adapt to their environments to survive and thrive, Christians as a unique species must also adapt to thrive. Karen and I offer 10 different cultural adaptations that local congregations must make in order to stave off extinction. We believe these 10 adaptations will transform dysfunctional congregations into healthy, thriving congregations. Please buy the book. I think we get the amazing sum of 87 cents for every book sold! Karen and I wrote this book because we do not believe that we can "fix" dysfunctional and declining congregations by overlaying successful "best practices models" from other local churches. On the contrary, new programing and changes in practice will not make local churches healthy, only a commitment to cultural change will bring a congregation to full health. We believe that we must honor our true purpose "to make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world," and align everything we do with that purpose. We hope this new book provides for an interesting read.

To order the book simply Google "Adapt to Thrive, John Flowers and Karen Vannoy" and click on Amazon or Cokesbury (or any other online book seller) and you will be guided through the purchase process. After you read the book, please write a review and post it on Amazon or some other site. (If you hate the book, and after reading it consider it a waste of your time, please do not write a review). Good reviews are greatly appreciated and help quite a bit as we teach in various places around the country. We are teaching in Indiana in September and in New Jersey in November. More on those gigs later.