Are leaders born or trained?

The short answer is both but take a look at the list of 15 qualities needed in leaders.  I would say only three are inborn traits or skills. Let's look at each of them more closely. 1. Possessing the gift of gathering

We first heard this term from an Episcopalian priest as we shared the difficulty experienced in training new clergy. When we use the term  gift of gathering we are referring to the ineffable charisma that some persons just naturally seem to have in abundance. Can this quality be trained or is it what some people seem to just do naturally?  There seems no question to me that some people are born with it, but if we study closely their behaviors, we can learn some important behaviors they exhibit. They make and maintain eye contact; they smile easily; they listen well; they share their personal goals, dreams, or foibles... but they don't overshare! Charismatic people may have a natural ability  of knowing when to talk and when to listen, but as we study these people, we can learn from them how to better balance these behaviors in our own lives. It requires concentrated feedback from someone you trust, though, because it is very difficult to measure this behavior in yourself. Ask someone to observe you in several different settings, some purely social and some in church settings. Your observer is looking for how much air time you take up (compared to others), how often you smile, whether or not you interrupt, whether your comments follow the sequence of the conversation, how much you talk about yourself, etc.  Don't ask a subordinate to measure this for you, though; much too threatening and you aren't likely to get good feedback. Your spouse, sibling or close friend (known for her frankness!) is best.

2. a strategic thinker

3. passion about the area of service

While  we can probably teach people how to show their passion, the passion itself must come from within.  You cannot cram passion into an only mildly interested heart. If you are trying to lead others in an area that you feel no fire for yourself, then do everyone a favor including yourself: give it up.