Climbing Ladder of Success

Robert Reich, former secretary of Labor once said "Think of the economy as a ladder. if the rungs of the ladder are spread far apart, how can you expect a person to climb?" In the US we have consistently told folks that with hard work and perseverance they will get ahead. Everyone has a chance to climb the ladder of success. This is not true according to Robert Reich who recognized that there were some rungs missing from the ladder given to our desperately poor. The scary thing now is disparity between rich and poor is growing. CNN did a piece on Lake Pleasant in the deep south where the middle class has disappeared. On side of the lake is infected with deep poverty while the other side of the lake is filled with landowners and power brokers. One side has  highly rated schools, and luxurious housing, graduating 100% of their students and living in regal comfort. The other side has trailer homes where 8 children share two cramped bedrooms and only 60% graduate from high school. Whose ladder has all the rungs? Is there equal opportunity?

To climb a ladder which is missing several rungs, kids have to jump up from the lower rung and stretch to their physical limits to have any chance in grabbing the next available rung for success. A few make it, most don't. On the rich side of Lake Pleasant, there is no need for kids to be acrobatic in climbing their ladder. The rungs are closer together and not difficult to climb.

Church folks are all about cheering for the French revolutionaries in Les Miserales who fight because some folks eat cake while other people don't have even a loaf of bread. Church folks cheer Susan Boyle singing "I Dream A Dream of Days Gone By" on a cheeky talent show of doubters and haters.  Church folks are all about the underdogs. Church folks are all about leveling the playing field. Church folks are all about putting more rungs on the ladders. Look around you. Who needs a hand up, not a hand out? Who needs another chance? Who needs another rung in their ladder?