Stop the Madness

Gun control must happen. We could arm every man, woman, and child in the United States with all the privately owned firearms; ie; we have the same number of guns as we do people. Is that nuts?! And yet the gun laws advanced by our president and vice president would NOT have made any difference in the tragedies and mass shoutings that have been so publicized.

Background checks would not have prevented Columbine. Those two boys stole/borrowed the guns used in that tragedy. The legal owners of those guns had gone through and passed a background check at time of purchase

In Newtown Conn. the young man took legally purchased weapons from his mother's supply.

In the Colorado movie theater shoutings, as in other shoutings, the perp did not have a felony or involuntary commitment to a mental institution on his record. The vast majority of psychiatric hospital stays are voluntary and would not show up on a background check.

If we limit rounds in a magazine to 6, as is presently done in hunting rifles, then with several magazines and quick loading practice, perhaps 15 children would have been killed rather than over 20.

Banning assault rifles will help but that will cover only those purchased from this time forward. What about the hundreds of thousands of assault rifles that are still out there?

We have a mess. Even a national gun registry will only tell us the pathway of the weapon. It will not prevent these tragedies.

Who can predict which persons will be compliant with their meds and who will refuse to take them?

Do you share these concerns or am I off base?